Capture, collect and trade NFT tokens in the real life!

  HMMM App

Example of an HMMM application. 

This video is a mockup of what the app will look like in the future, with the help of which it will be possible to find, place and trade NFTs.

The application will contain:

- NFT exchange
- Cooperative/sole search for NFTs.
- Creating and placement of your own NFTs.
- As well as many other features. 

HMMM Platform Based On

The AR Metaverse

Users will enable the camera feature on the app to explore the real world and “see” the Metaverse and purchasable assets in real space. 

The Exchange

The exchange is a website and app where users can purchase, trade, and mint their own NFTs in the form of 3D models. Once our engineering team is built out, we will determine which file types will be supported, but are expecting to explore Unity and Blender as key creator tools. 

The Community

The community growth and enthusiasm around HMMM is why this project exists, and it will be a major focus for us moving forward. The experience for users should be one that is socially rewarding and we will continue to grow on Telegram, as well as introducing other platforms to meet and discuss such as Discord and Reddit. 

Move to Earn


Finding NFT

Using the app find NFT through AR in the real world.


Purchase NFT

Estimate the value of the NFT found based on its rarity, appearance, and place where you found it.


Put up for sale

After buying an NFT, determine its new price and place it on the NFT exchange powered by Hmmm.


Take your profit

Wait until someone finds your NFT in the real world and buys it for the price you specify.

Strong Community









HMMM Features

Locked Liquidity Pool


The liquidity pool is completely blocked, all LP tokens are burned to prevent rug pull.
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Locked Liquidity


78.85% liquidity blocked for 6 months to prevent price manipulations.
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Verified Contract 


The contract is completely public and has been verified by BscScan. 
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Contract Details

Token Name: Hmmm
Symbol: HMMM
Address: 0x88Cf50037f8069071Cd56f641a81b369a5Fd3a42 
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 40,000,000 
Max Supply: 40,000,000 
Circulation Supply: 8,300,000
Fees: 0%
Slippage: 0,9%


Road Map


Listings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and CEX Exchange.  

Concept Visualization

Create a teaser video with the concepts contained in White Paper.

Exchange MVP

Create the minimum viable product (MVP) alpha version of the exchange.

Game (Alpha)

Create alpha version of the game (without geo positioning and AR) to test fundamental architecture of the tech stack. 

Game (Beta)

Develop the beta version of the game introducing AR and non-AR exploration. 


Promotion with best influencers across key platforms.

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